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Going Into Year 3: The Huddle & You


Blame the economy if you want. Andy’s new job (and better yet his move to Seattle!) has combined with Ben’s unexplained lack of free time to hold up our 2010 restart until now. Our authors are working on 5 new topics at the moment, and we hope to have many more Issues and Features for you this year.

If you’re one of our thousands of loyal readers from around the world, here are a couple of things that might interest you:


In 2009, several of our best articles came from new voices that wrote to us first instead of being recruited. We want to make this very clear; we LOVE new content, and if you have a great article for us we want to publish it.

Send it to, and we’ll get back to you about a publishing date as soon as we can. If the article is well received, we’ll offer you a spot on our regular panel. Too many of you have learned things that many others want to know. Write it up, and send it in!


In the coming months, we are working on several new features about the Rules of the Game and Training for Ultimate. As always, if you have topic ideas please keep sending them in. Several of our first five topics were developed from reader suggestions.


If we’re lucky, we’ll have a new set of articles in Spanish for you soon. We are also working on moving a set of articles into Chinese on our site as well. Keep checking back.

World Championships

Are you playing in Prague? If so, we want to enlist you as a reporter during the tournament on a combined International blog. Write to us at, and let’s combine to make this the most well-followed World Championship in Ultimate’s young history.

Help Out

Are you an English major that wants a sneak peak each Issue? Be an Editor! If you want to help The Huddle, and you have strong English skills, then we want your help as an Editor. We’ll plug you in to our content management system, and you’ll get first crack at new articles. Freelance editing by the Steves (Sullivan and Murshel) was absolutely vital to our publishing in 2009, and they can’t do it all by themselves (although, heroically, they keep trying). Join us!

With this team effort, and the spectacular volunteer contributions of our authors, we hope to bring you the best year of The Huddle yet. With any luck, this will be the year that we guarantee the annual
existence of what has become, possibly, the most read Ultimate site in the world. Thank you for joining us!