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And From Brazil…


Greetings and salutations!

It’s a great pleasure and honor to be able to participate in the Huddle’s initiative to bring to all of you Ultimate fans the most up to date information about what is going on at the WUCC 2010 at Prague. Here’s a little bit about me to get things started:

My name is Paolo Chiappin, but you’ll usually see me sign as Logan Pendragon. Whatever your opinion on pseudonyms, this is how you’ll usually recognize me on-line.

My team is Brazzinga from Brazil and we’ll be playing in the Mixed division at the WUCC. The team is a ragtag bunch of players from quite a few walks of life. Some have been at Worlds at least once before, including our captain, Luis Fazani. Most have not. The sport of Ultimate in Brazil is still not anywhere near as known and played as in places like the US, Canada or Europe, and while we do have people that love the sport, we don’t have very many on teams that participate in tournaments. Of these few teams, none are sponsored. The group we are taking to Prague is a selection of seasoned and somewhat new players. We are a remarkably excited group that have come together to train with the goals of developing the sport further in Brazil and to face off against some of the best in the world. We hope to learn as much as we can from everyone there while at it. We also hope to surprise those who watch our games and those that play against us. Mostly though, we want to have a great time and we would like to show just how much we love this sport. With what we learn there, we want to come home and take the next step in developing ourselves while working at getting more people to come out and join our sport.

Over the last 12 years I’ve played quite a bit of Ultimate. “Played” being the operative word, since for 8 of those years most of what I did was try to get people to learn the sport and have some fun. I spent a lot time teaching new kids and trying to get them to come back, but not really practicing or developing myself.

I learned about Ultimate in high school and played on the school team for a year and a half before it disbanded due to most of our members graduating together. I was left as one of the few passionate kids who tried to get new students to come out to build a new team, but it was just not meant to be. The things I learned best during this time were about the Spirit of the Game, Fair Play, and the Fun of Ultimate. These are the three lessons that, above all other things, I try to teach anyone who plays with me.

So that’s what I did for 8 years. I didn’t want to join any teams – I wanted to start them. Get the sport out there. It was after many bad experiences that, many years later, it all paid off. USP (the University of São Paulo) now has a new team. I’m just recently back in college and playing with the team I helped put together. This is our second year together competing, and the third practicing. It’s with them that I began training to improve my game. Since we are a Mixed team and I wanted to get more practice time in there, I also put together a new (Open) team: Dragons. Then early this year I also joined Brazzinga. It’s with these three that I have begun to really dedicate myself to becoming the best player I can be. The WUCC is the next step in that direction.

This is my first time abroad since I came to live in Brazil and my first time participating in an event that is organized by the WFDF. So I guess my perspective will be quite fresh as to what is going on at the games, especially since my experience in the sport is very restricted to the game’s style and level as it is played in Brazil. So maybe a bit of what I write will feel like I just had a the rush of adrenaline from riding my first roller-coaster. I ask that you bare with me and I’ll do my best not to let that be the only thing that you get from reading my posts.

Please feel free to write to me and share your thoughts. You can reach me at:
loganpendragon (at) gmail (dot) com.

In the meantime go play some Ultimate and remember to have fun.

Logan Pendragon